About "Hey, Pretty!"


Growing up I was always the tall, lanky girl; everywhere I went, I couldn’t help but stand out. In later years, as I struggled with severe acne, I found myself at an extremely low point. In order to heal, I had to learn to stop looking to the mirror for confirmation, and began to search inside.


Inspiration for the song "Hey, Pretty!” came during some of my darkest days. I knew I had to share the love that I'd cultivated within myself through music and creativity, with young girls and women all over the world. It was then that I decided to pair the song with a coloring book, so young girls could see themselves reflected in art.


Hey, Pretty! was performed by Lyndora Turner, AB Wright and Egypt Bennett, produced by Arthur "LA" Buckner and Corey Stampley.


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"Hey, Pretty!" the coloring book was illustrated by @MycDazzle and FaithReigns.




The #HeyPrettyChallenge started with a mother posting a video of her daughter singing along to the song “Hey, Pretty!”. The challenge soon began to gather momentum, as mothers and daughters began to join in on the movement all across the country!


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You don’t have to be a mother/daughter duo to participate, the challenge is open to everyone! Just post a video of yourself singing along to your favorite part of the song, and tag #HeyPrettyChallenge to submit your video!