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Who is Maya marchelle?


A native of Minneapolis, Maya Marchelle was born with a natural proclivity for writing. That, coupled with her love of music, inspired her to embrace the path of a songwriter. Maya's wit and fascination with words have equipped her with an uncanny ability to create music that takes the listener on a journey, causing them to resonate with each line.


Maya holds a Master's degree in social work and credits most of her inspiration to the young people that allow her to support them every day. Her love for youth, and desire to help young black women recognize their value in this world, has fueled much of Maya's creativity.


The Maya Marchelle brand is one for the culture and extends across all genres and styles. Maya hopes that her persistence and ingenuity will spark creativity and passion in all those with whom she comes into contact. Her sole purpose in life is to suffuse the world with her light and glorify God in the process.

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by Maya Marchelle

All lyrics written by: Maya Marchelle
Executive Producer: Arthur "LA" Buckner